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Born in Boulder, Colorado, I discovered clay while attending the University of Colorado. I then moved to San Diego where ceramic art took a back seat to life’s other adventures: family, running a dance studio, and Aikido. As time passed, the relationships and friendships inherent in these passions, particularly the martial arts, reawakened the need to express myself through clay.

My life’s vocations are about feelings, movement, and cooperation, and so are my sculptures. They are all animate creatures to me, living in their own universe, being everything I have seen people being: timid, strong, curious, bossy, loud, naughty, and helpful. I have loved watching people express these qualities all these years.

I start by thinking of someone or some experience. Then I start wedging clay as I instill the character into the new piece. Once my sculptures are finished, they move into our world and become who their observers need them to be at that moment.

©2008 Sandra Burgener

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