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Sandra Burgener was born in 1954 under the influence of the magnificent Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado. She has done some form of art all her life starting with music, dance and gymnastics, and in 1973 she studied functional and nonfunctional clay and kiln building at University of Colorado. After starting out by selling ware decorated with mountains, skies, and cactus type plants, she had a one person show of 53 whimsical mirrors at National Center for Atmospheric Research. In 1979 she moved to San Diego and worked as a production potter for 3 years, after which family, creatures, gardening, dance and Aikido (a Japanese martial art) became paramount in her life. When the kids moved out the clay came back out, becoming work strongly influenced by the all the bugs, worms, birds, possums, skunks, and plants that inhabit her garden.

Sandra likes to get up before dawn every day and to sit for an hour to hear the birds and critters and imagine what they’re doing. She thinks that between the critters and her Aikido training partners she has actually met all the sculptures she is currently making.


2009, San Diego County Fair, Art Show
2008, The Winter Show, Studio Show
2008, San Diego Art Institute, Various Shows
2007, Awakening Creation, Studio Show
2007, San Diego Art Institute, Various Shows

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